Sound Experiments

by Aboyd Whigham

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10 songs for $4.... good deal.

1. Beats with Minor Tonality and Subliminal Voice
2. Easy Manipulation of High Pitched Tones
3. Extensive and Relentless Manipulation of a Single Tone
4. Haunting Robot Vulgarity when Explaining the use of a Gun
5. Polymachine Controlled Tone with a little Bitcrusher for Fun
6. Several Manipulative Interpretations of the Same Phrase
7. Subtle and Musical Manipulation of Tones in Harmonic Minor
8. Unison of Choral Synth Unmanipulated Except with Chorus
9. Untuned Sounds of Manipulated Tones in Patterns with Haunting Growl
10. Various Latin Influenced Beats and Tones with Random Robot Sounds


released May 16, 2009

All sounds were created on a computer.



all rights reserved


Aboyd Whigham

Music Written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced and documented by Aboyd Whigham. Album art by Aboyd Whigham. Aboyd Whigham Aboyd Whigham Aboyd Whigham...

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