by Aboyd Whigham

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Askégon and Öfeth are in love. Askégon writes a song of love to Öfeth. Mïphel hears it and decides he wants Öfeth to himself, he's overwhelmed with jealousy for askegon and wants to posses his body by switching souls. askegon is blind and wants to see Öfeth more than anything in the world. he prays for sight from the gods. Miphel hears this prayer and uses his unnatural power to give askegon sight. askegon's new sight ment that he would be needed at war. Before he has a chance to see Öfeth, Askégon is called to war, given a parade and given Armour. While he is gearing up he slips into deep thought and tries to suppress a brewing rage. Mïphel meanwhile schemes to have askégon killed in battle, given a ritual ceremony where he can posses his soulless body. He worries about how dangerous it would be to possess a dead body, but he decides it would worth it to be with Öfeth. He then celebrates his plan and goes back out to the War of Speåsheas. Since he has powers of the unnatural, he practices on unsuspecting soldiers. He quickly and cleanly murders Askégon on the battle field. It Rains. While listening to the rain, Öfeth hears a bita singing, and it tells her about Askégon's tragic murder. She buries Askégon and writes her own song in tribut t o him. Mïphel then ritually releases Askégon's soul. The soul is strong and does not want to be separated, but eventually it is. Mîphel then cuts his wrists, and lets the blood drain into Askégon's mouth, in turn possesses his body while his own body dies. Mïphel tries to seduce Öfeth, but she knows it's not Askégon and runs away to never return. She travels on foot for years, eventually meeting a Prophetic Three-headed Dratmög. This monster confronts Öfeth to tell her how to repossess her lover's soul into his body. Meanwhile Mïphel is delusional with new unnatural powers from his new body, but still longs for Öfeth. Askégon's soul is in waiting in limbo, when he is suddenly reintroduced into his body. Now with two souls in Askegon's body he must find Mïphel's soul and extract him. The body fights itself while the two souls combat inside. Soon Mïphel is extracted by Öfeth's return. Askégon and Öfeth are reunited.


released October 27, 2011



all rights reserved


Aboyd Whigham

Music Written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced and documented by Aboyd Whigham. Album art by Aboyd Whigham. Aboyd Whigham Aboyd Whigham Aboyd Whigham...

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